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Claims Process

Action Where to Send
Submit Claim Using  PDF NEAS Notice of Claim Form
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Fax: (514) 523-7875
Toll Free Fax: 1 (866) 798-8746
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1. Responsibility of the clients

The customer is responsible for the reception of packages and verifies all his goods at the time of delivery. He has to sign the Manifest, stating all the defects and damages if any. In case of damages, the inspector on the beach has to complete the Damage Report, sign it with the client and give him his copy.

NEAS recommends to all their customers that they obtain “ALL RISKS” Marine Cargo Insurance either through their own insurance provider or through the optional NEAS Marine Open Cargo Policy.

Customers who refuse to obtain marine cargo insurance are exposed to, but not limited to loss or damage caused by natural disasters, war, fire, dangers/accidents caused by navigable waters, riots, etc.

2. Notice of Claim

A Notice of Claim must be sent by the Shipper/Claimant, to the Carrier within 10 days of the Discharge Date in case of visible damage to Cargo, or within 30 days of the Discharge Date in case of concealed damage or Lost Cargo. This Notice of Claim must be sent to your Carrier by fax, email, hand delivery, registered mail, courier, or regular mail, accompanied by copies of all relevant supporting documents, such as those listed below:

  • Notice of Claim, completed and signed;
  • Copy of the signed manifest clearly indicating damages upon receipt of goods by
    client and NEAS representative;
  • Copy of the damage report detailing damages also signed by both parties;
  • Actual invoice of costs incurred must be provided, or in absence of this, a written
    estimate detailing costs for repairs / replacement / reimbursement
  • Marine booking number,
  • Witness statements,
  • Photographs,
  • And others.

If you do not attach all information explaining and supporting your Claim, the Carrier can only make a decision based on the information in its possession. If you fail to submit your Notice of Claim in the time limits stated, your Claim will be time-barred.

3. Acknowledgement

Within 30 days of receipt by the Carrier of a Notice of Claim, the Carrier must send a written Acknowledgement to the Shipper, acknowledging the receipt of the Claim and identifying any relevant evidence that is necessary to the processing of the Claim but that has not yet been provided by the Shipper.

All relevant documentation to substantiate the claim must be forwarded to NEAS within a reasonable time.

Once the Carrier receive all missing documents or evidence, a file is opened and registered, in the Claims Registry and an internal claim number is assigned to the case. The client will receive the notice of opening as well as a claim identification number.

4. Process of the claim with NEAS insurer.

Once all evidence and documentation are received, they are forwarded with our internal claim number to NEAS insurers, who processes the claim and determine a validity and settlement.

5. NEAS Decision Process

Based on the feedbacks from the NEAS insurer, the Carrier will provide the final decision to the client.

Be aware that failure to comply with applicable time limits in those Rules may result in your Claim being time-barred or in cost consequences.