• NEAS is committed to Training and Employment opportunities. NEAS provides real, meaningful training, employment and advancement opportunities for local Inuit from Nunavut and Nunavik.
  • The NEAS team has created an innovative marine training and employment program enabling local Inuit to work on NEAS vessels.
  • NEAS is committed to ensuring that all employees achieve excellence, by offering, organizing and funding courses for all levels of employment.
  • NEAS also works with various regional, provincial and federal officials to provide appropriate advancement courses for its employees. NEAS also provides in-house training for multiple jobs including tug operator, crane operator, etc.
  • NEAS also offers an excellent remuneration package to its employees.

Training Opportunity for Land Claims Agreement Beneficiary

Current Job Postings

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Please note that although there are no openings for these positions presently, we are nonetheless accepting resumes to complete our bank of candidates for future employment.

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