Step by Step Guide

NEAS Sealift & Packaging Services

The NEAS Sales Team is available to assist you at any point by phone (1-877-225-6327) or by email ([email protected]).

How to Submit

Sealift Reservation Form

There are three ways to get your reservation for space on the sealift started:

Of course, our Sales Team is available at any time to assist you in placing your reservation.

Once you have submitted the Sealift Reservation Form, you will receive a confirmation acknowledging our receipt and promise to follow up within 24 hours.

Important Considerations

Declaring Dangerous Goods

Shipments of dangerous goods, or dangerous materials, are subject to special controls and are governed by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code.

NEAS customers must comply with these safety standards and complete the required Transport Canada declarations as well as provide the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for their cargo.

Consult the NEAS Sailing Schedule for the deadline to deliver dangerous goods to NEAS. For dangerous goods requiring packaging by NEAS, please refer to “Determine Packaging Requirements” below.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Program

Important Considerations

Insuring Your Cargo

NEAS offers competitively priced, “ALL RISK” Marine Cargo Insurance. This insurance is tailor-made to support Arctic sealift customer requirements.

Important to note that NEAS’ maximum legal liability, regardless of the circumstances, is $2,775.00 per cargo unit. As such, NEAS strongly recommends that all cargo be insured, whether you insure it yourself or through NEAS’ cargo insurance. Important as well that the client declares the proper declared value at this time.

How To

Determine Packaging Requirements

All cargo must be stackable and weather proof before being loaded on the intended vessel. It is essential that all cargo is packaged according to the NEAS Packaging Guide. This ensures that your cargo will arrive at its final destination securely and damage-free, and also ensures the protection and safety of everyone who handles your cargo.

NEAS offers state-of-the-art packaging services, including containerization, less-than-container loads (LCL), crating, palletization and packaging of all other cargo, including possible special considerations for vehicles and equipment.

There are three ways to arrange for NEAS to package your cargo:

How To

Finalizing the Shipping Contract

Your reservation is complete when you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions and are issued a Signed Contract.

Once our Sales Team processes your reservation, we will issue a contract for you, and once duly executed, you will receive a Booking Number that will be required when making an appointment for delivery of your cargo and when delivering to the terminal.

How To

Deliver Your Cargo to NEAS

Please visit the NEAS Sailing Schedule to learn more about the cut-off dates to the NEAS Cargo Service Center and to the NEAS Marine Terminal.

New and additional procedures have been put in place to ensure everyone’s safety during this period of COVID-19. Please read carefully.

To deliver your cargo, you must:

Schedule an appointment to deliver your cargo

  • NEAS Cargo Service Center – For cargo requiring packaging – 1-866-908-0807 or by email at [email protected]
  • NEAS Marine Terminal – For cargo ready to be loaded – 1-888-908-0000 or by email at [email protected]

The delivery cut-offs vary depending on whether you:

  • Are delivering cargo to be packaged at the NEAS Cargo Service Centre
  • Are shipping dangerous goods requiring packaging
  • Are delivering packaged cargo directly to the NEAS Terminal

Consult the NEAS Sailing Schedule for the deadlines applicable to your selected sailing date. Remember, if your cargo will be packaged by a third party, you must ensure that your packager complies with the requirements from the NEAS Packaging Guide.

Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive an Appointment# and delivery date.   Please retain the Appointment# for access to the Port of Bécancour on your scheduled date.

Send by email cargo documentation (shipping bill, waybill, purchase order, etc.) 24 hrs before delivery with Subject line containing: Appointment# and name of Transporter to:

Physical distancing is in place, and once access to the Port of Bécancour is granted, all delivery trucks must go to the designated parking area and remain INSIDE their vehicle. A NEAS employee will meet you and provide further instructions.

You can schedule your cargo delivery here.


Invoicing & Payment

You will receive your invoice for Marine Transportation once your cargo is loaded and the ship departs. For packaging invoices, once your cargo is packaged, invoices are sent out weekly. Note that packaging and transportation invoices are not combined on one invoice.


Receiving Your Cargo

To ensure everyone’s safety and security at this time, new community resupply procedures and operations have been put in place.   Please review carefully.

To keep track of important deadlines for departures and arrivals, view the NEAS Schedule often.  The schedule is updated daily and provides key cut-offs for cargo deliveries, sailing departure and arrival dates.   Remember, schedules are subject to change due to weather, ice and other arctic operational realities.

  • All community resupply operations will be autonomous including sanitary facilities, accommodation, and food provision.
  • No shore leave will be permitted for ship’s crew.
  • Physical distancing must always be respected, and interaction between NEAS and community customers and visitors will be strictly limited to essential services only.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be used by NEAS representatives when outside vehicles and the NEAS office, if physical distancing is not possible.
  • No visitor or customer will be allowed in the NEAS office.
  • Sanitization procedures for vehicles and all machinery handled by NEAS will be strictly applied.

NEAS releases customer cargo according to the instructions contained on the cargo manifest. To take possession of cargo, customers or their designate must provide identification and their own pen to sign for cargo.

  • Signature of cargo manifests and other documents will take place in a contact-free NEAS Buffer Zone Container.
    • For Iqaluit only, signatures of cargo manifests and other documents will take place in the NEAS Iqaluit Office
  • Do not go to the NEAS office.
  • Customers must bring and sign with their own pen.
  • You must sign the cargo manifest upon receipt of the goods and any damages or omissions must be detailed on the signed manifest. This notation will be required if a claim is submitted.

Loading lateral and retrograde cargo will include sanitization procedures for any vehicle and machinery.

All deliveries to community sites will respect physical distancing and no contact protocols.

Essential Steps

Sealift & Packaging Checklist

  1. Click on the Sealift Reservation Form and fill in ALL information requested
  2. Declare any Dangerous Goods
  3. Make sure your cargo is adequately insured against damage or loss
  4. Determine your packaging requirements
  5. Review the Applicable Terms and Conditions and sign and return your contract(s).
  6. Make sure you make note of the Marine Booking Number you will be sent once contract is finalized
  7. Schedule an appointment to deliver your cargo according to the THREE posted deadlines for:
    • Cargo requiring packaging at the NEAS Cargo Service Center
    • Dangerous Goods requiring packaging by NEAS
    • Cargo that is already packaged and ready to deliver to Terminal
  8. Deliver your cargo and retain your receipt for reference
  9. Contact our Accounts Receivable Department to arrange payment of your invoice
  10. Reference the schedule often for the latest ETA in to your community
  11. Contact our beach personnel upon ship’s arrival to inspect and review manifest. Sign it.