IQALUIT, NU, / KUUJJUAQ, QC, June 1, 2020 — The NEAS Group today announced new enhanced safety features for essential summer sealift, marine cargo, containers and traditional community resupply services available for valued customers across Canada’s Eastern and Western Arctic, Polar and Remote High North regions for the 2020 sailing season. 

NEAS: Keeping You Safe COVID-19

For a safe summer sealift 2020 season, NEAS introduced new and enhanced customer cargo drop-off and pick-up procedures. Adhering to all available COVID-19 regulations and guidelines while working with authorities, NEAS new safety and security provisions are to enhance protections and reduce risks for NEAS team members, customers, and the public on land and at sea. 

“People, community and service is our essential business,” says Suzanne Paquin, President and CEO of The NEAS Group. “Safety is always our top priority at NEAS, season after sealift season.”  Each step of the NEAS sealift operations has been reviewed to enhance safety and security protections. 

“At NEAS, we understand that our employees, customers and communities are at the front line,” says Paquin. “We are here to deliver our essential services for local communities, peoples, families, businesses, stores, construction companies, mining, research and military installations across Canada’s Arctic.”  

Beach Watch: New Touch-Free Cargo Pick-Up Service

A new NEAS Touch-free buffer container will be used for customer pick-up and cargo sign-off. By minimizing levels of contact and adhering to safety protocols, NEAS is taking steps to mitigate risks in the safe and reliable delivery of essential cargo and local resupply operations.

Receiving Your Sealift Cargo

All local cargo discharge and marine operations above the high-water mark are to be contactless and respect physical distancing of at least two meters:

  1. All community resupply operations will be autonomous, including sanitary facilities, accommodation, and food provision.
  2. No shore leave is permitted for the ship’s crew. 
  3. Physical distancing must always be respected, and interaction between NEAS and community customers and visitors will be strictly limited to essential services.
  4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be used by NEAS when outside vehicles and the NEAS office, if physical distancing is not possible.
  5. No visitor or customer will be allowed in the NEAS office.
  6. Signature of cargo manifests and other documents will take place in a contact-free NEAS Buffer Zone Container. Customers must bring and sign with their own pen.
  7. Loading lateral and retrograde cargo will include sanitization procedures for any vehicle and machinery.

Stay Safe, Stay Clear

People should keep a safe distance and stay clear of marine work areas. Do not drive vehicles and ATVs in or around the marine work areas.   Remind children to never walk or play in or around the marine work areas while cargoes are being discharged.

Introducing the new NEAS “MINI” Container

From complex and specialized remote marine cargo services for large projects to small individual sealift reservations, and everything in between, every customer is a valued customer at NEAS.

After listening to customers, NEAS is pleased to introduce the NEAS “MINI” container, a new 10 ft container available exclusively for NEAS customers to ensure maximum handling efficiency and reductions in loss and damages. This new NEAS service is cost-effective and environmentally sustainable. 

The professionals at NEAS are here to help you succeed. Reserve space, request packaging and view schedules with , email [email protected] or give us a call right now at 1-877-225-NEAS (6327). Let’s talk about your safe 2020 summer sealift and marine cargo resupply.

About NEAS

The NEAS Group delivers a superior sealift experience for customers with reliable marine transportation, marshaling, packaging and container services across Nunavut, including the Qikiqtaaluk, Kivalliq and western Kitikmeot regions, as well as Nunavik, Northern Quebec, and Manitoba, including the Port of Churchill. NEAS shareholders include Makivik Corporation and Transport Nanuk Inc., a joint venture between Logistec Corporation and The North West Company, both publicly traded on the TSX.


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